Career Management



"Everybody has talent and it’s just a matter of moving around until you’ve discovered what it is." George Lucas


  • Do you feel overlooked and frustrated by your lack of promotion?

  • Or overwhelmed by increasing responsibilities and pressure to deliver results?

  • Has your career stalled or lost its meaning?

  • Do you turn up to work and go through the motions even though you don't like your job?

  • Is lack of confidence or fear preventing you from moving up or moving on?


What would it be like to discover you could do something different; something that you actually enjoy; a role that inspires you with a true sense of purpose?


If you want to create positive changes in your current work situation, or you are thinking about a career change, I can help you to explore your options in a way that will give you the clarity, confidence and motivation to move towards the outcome that you want.


As your coach I will support you in:


  • Clarifying your values to ensure they are aligned with what you do. This is important because the amount of fulfilment we gain from our role is often determined by the extent to which our values are met.


  • Defining exactly where you want to be and what you want to do, and then help you to set realistic goals to get you there.


  • Identifying the strengths, skills and resources that you already have, in addition to those that need to be developed.


  • Maximising your career opportunities.


  • Preparing for interview success.


If you want clarity and direction in your career, get in touch to find out how to take the first step.


"Working with Jane helped me to identify the kind of role I was aspiring to and then subsequently go on to achieve this. She was also able to make me look objectively at myself and focus on my attributes, which has been a huge confidence booster "