Below are examples of feedback that I have received from clients:

"I was fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Jane for a period of over two years, after taking on a new role which presented me with significant new challenges in terms of my leadership and management.


Jane's coaching combined the setting of long term development objectives, with a problem solving approach, giving a lot of space to consider the challenges that came up from day to day. This flexible approach worked well for me as the day to day throws up some stressful and high-stakes situations, often laden with dilemmas and complex people dynamics. The tone of the sessions was enjoyable, but very challenging, like being in a brain gym. There was never any question that I was the one in the driving seat and was responsible for the end result.


The thing that I appreciated the most about Jane's approach as a coach was her ability to tune into my learning style and general approach to work. This took a few sessions as we got to know one another, but once we were up and running Jane was very good at gauging what approach was likely to work for me, both in our coaching sessions, and in the tools/reading suggested to complement these (which were very well chosen/timed and enlightening).


"To be able to have such high-calibre support from someone with Jane's capability is a real asset and I would strongly endorse her ability and personality as a professional coach."



 N.F. International Humanitarian Leader

"Jane helped me to sort through some very difficult and complex choices which, although business-based, had personal implications too. She was very professional and quietly brought me to realise that I already knew the answers."

 D.D.  London

"When I was looking for a coach I knew I would need someone with a highly professional and disciplined approach to coaching.  Jane Eames provided exactly that via her detailed questioning, and expert listening.


I have now worked with Jane for fifteen months and have built a strong relationship that I think works due honesty and openness.


Jane’s support in this time has been invaluable. I have moved from unemployment to a temporary contract and now have a permanent role in a great company. 


Jane helped to re-build my confidence in a work environment and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her."



 L.M.  London

"What can I say about Jane Eames...I can start with thought provoker, empowering, out of the box blue sky thinker. She has helped me to focus on the important points and sift through and discard the chaff, the clutter."

 C.M. Buckinghamshire

"I cannot recommend Jane Eames highly enough, she has truly revolutionised my way of thinking about myself and what I can achieve. Her expert insights, positive energy and instinctive ability to understand complex emotions and ideas, have helped me to become a much more confident individual, and have re-ignited a passion and enthusiasm in me for making a positive impact with my life."

 A.S.  London

"About 12 months ago, I was a in a dilemma about what to do with my career and my future. My job was interesting enough and provided the regular income that was needed to support my family and our lifestyle. The problem remained that I was not satisfied with that and wouldn’t be until I was in control of my own time and was able to make my own decisions about my future.


I had ambitions of running a business based on doing what I loved and using my own skills, experiences and principles to lay the foundations from which to build it. There were many ideas and some tricky dilemmas to consider before taking any actions and although some of the foundations were in place, the transition from job to business was only made possible with the help of Jane’s coaching.


It was not by any means easy to make each decision along the way and at no point did Jane tell me what to do but what she did and continues to offer, in a very professional and objective manner, is the time and space to lay all the options on the table and then carefully observe each one with the aim of strengthening the decision making process.


Each person’s circumstance and personality will be different, but if you are looking for some help in taking control of your life, or in fulfilling your potential, I would absolutely recommend Jane for her coaching!"

 P.P.  London

"When you're at a junction in life and the 'normal' no longer feels comfortable, it is invaluable to have an independent, professionally-committed person to guide you back, to help rephrase negative tendencies and encourage a broader perspective.  Over a few sessions, Jane has done just that and I am grateful for her support.  She has enabled me to see the possibilities and I have felt empowered to act upon some of them already."

 P.S.  London

"Jane helped me take responsibility for and control over small and big goals through helpful questioning and establishing a sense of prioritised progression. Thanks to Jane for being an inspirational coaching partner, her calm and cheery manner enhanced a feeling of safety within a period of transition."

 C.B.  Buckinghamshire

"I first contacted Jane when seeking to improve my confidence and also gain new direction for my career.  Jane and I worked through a very structured approach to assessing my skills and achievements, and then took a practical approach towards planning next steps. The result was a significant gain in my confidence as well as a promotion to a senior level, fighting off strong competition for the role. 


Jane and I continue to work on my career plan.  I put great value against the support I get from her."

 N.H.  London

"Jane is a highly creative individual who has the capacity to come up with you to a higher level to help you see the forest for the trees.  That is an invaluable skill to work with when you are considering the narrative of your life, and what direction you want to takes things towards.  I worked with Jane for well over a year and can genuinely recommend her."

  P.G   London

"I would like to thank Jane for her help, support and patience. It was really useful to discuss a work issue with someone independent and to go through a series of questions, posed by Jane, to help think through the problem and consider it from different angles. This in turn then helped to develop a workable action plan."

 M.W.  London

"After many years of working hard for various companies in the creative industries I found myself feeling unbearably frustrated and unsatisfied with where I'd got to in both my personal and professional life. I needed help in understanding what triggered my dissatisfaction, how I could change my approach to get the most out of life and ultimately feel happy with what I was doing. I found Jane and after an initial consultation it was clear to me that she could be a huge help. Her straight talking, clear and direct manner immediately appealed to me.


Jane helped me identify my core values and triggers for frustration. She helped me figure out my strengths and how to apply them, and to identify the "type" of thinker I am and, in turn, how best to interact with other people.


As a result I feel much more relaxed at work and at home. I now have a clear set of rules I can apply to new professional and personal opportunities that arise, to gauge their suitability for me, and flag up possible sources of frustration ahead of them becoming a problem. Life is definitely easier now and I'm very happy that I took the plunge and tried coaching, and especially that I chose to work with Jane."

 C.G.  London (now U.S.A.)

"Jane gave me the practical support and advice to help me work out what I wanted in my career.  She was also able to make me look objectively at myself and focus on my attributes, which has been a huge confidence booster. Working with Jane helped me to identify the kind of role I was aspiring to and then subsequently go on to achieve this. 


Jane is a pleasure to work with and has been a great mentor. I felt stronger after every coaching session and now intend to have regular top ups to keep my new found momentum going!"

 L.W.  London

"I am relatively new to management and was concerned about my communication skills and ability to network at large events. Jane's questioning helped me identify the main issues causing my lack of confidence. She then gave me techniques and tools that I would never have thought of on my own to manage the situation.


By the end of the coaching I was actually excited about attending the next networking event to put my new found skills in to action. Thanks to Jane I was able to speak to people I wouldn't normally have and now have that positive networking experience plus a set of techniques to assist me at future events."

 E.H.  London