Team Facilitation and Coaching



A high performing team makes a powerful contribution to business. Not only does it increase efficiency, productivity and service quality, it can improve morale, relationships and staff retention.


Teams become dysfunctional for various reasons: for example, when they are newly formed, going through transition or under pressure.  This is when people are likely to become distracted , clarity is lost and tensions rise.


If you are looking to develop the strengths of a new or underperforming team, or to add new focus and drive to an already successful (and potentially complacent) one, my approach is to create and maintain a structure that encourages all team members to participate to their full potential through shared values, impactful conversations and fresh thinking.


I also facilitate workshops on:


  • Empowering working relationships through effective communication

  • Innovative thinking for better business

  • Leading through coaching


Simply get in touch for further information and to talk about your team coaching or facilitation needs.



“Excellent workshop ... enjoyable, interesting and very motivational”


“Great exercises to stimulate ideas”


“I found your passion for effective communication so inspiring”