Leadership Coaching



Leadership often requires courage and resilience as well as physical stamina and emotional intelligence. It’s an ongoing journey of discovery and self-development, and the right coach can be an invaluable travelling companion.


The leaders that I work with range from individuals who want to step up their effectiveness during the first 90 days in a role to experienced leaders who are pursuing opportunities at a higher level.


Whilst each has a preferred leadership style, I help them to recognise and fully understand their individual strengths and blind spots so they are better equipped to develop their own and their team’s potential. 


Increasing a leader’s self-awareness illuminates the impact they have - both actual and perceived - on the people around them, and this then allows them to modify or change behaviours that are counter-productive.


Coaching enables a leader to more effectively:


  • Earn the respect and trust of a new team.

  • Manage and resolve conflict.

  • Engage others with influence and persuasion.

  • Delegate with accountability.

  • Raise their credibility and profile.


If you want to develop the qualities of an authentic and influential leader, or you need to become more effective in a leadership role, get in touch to arrange a preliminary conversation without obligation.


"When I was looking for a coach I knew I would need someone with a highly professional and disciplined approach to coaching.  Jane provided exactly that via her detailed questioning and expert listening"