Executive Coaching



Executives often operate within complex systems, which means any shift in their own thinking and behaviour can have a significant impact on the processes and people around them.  It can be awkward for an executive to ask for support from those who look to her or him for inspiration, and tricky to obtain completely unbiased feedback.


As an independent coach from outside your organisation I look at your situation from a different perspective. This allows me to support you in developing new ways of thinking and relating to others in order to build the effectiveness of both yourself and your team.


Whilst I coach to each client’s agenda, my work with executives often involves:  


  • Exploring personal impact.

  • Considering the outcome of changes to vision, values and behaviour.

  • Distinguishing between high and low leverage actions.

  • Identifying the optimal strategy or solution from options available.

  • Improving and sustaining work-life balance.

  • Developing the skills of self-reflection.

  • Asking the question ‘what’s next?’


If you are looking for a confidential thinking partner to discuss what’s going on in your organisation, and space to reflect, rethink and regroup, please get in touch to arrange a preliminary discussion or meeting without obligation. 


Jane, your questioning is great and your live feedback on my communication very thought provoking”